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Serving Others Is More Important Than Learning Math

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Teaching Character From Real World Experience

“Mom, why do you think she has her kids with her on the street?” my son asked as we drove out of the grocery story parking lot . We were driving with a car full of groceries as a young woman with a dirty face and thinly covered head wrap held up a sign on the street corner with her 3 kids under the age of 6 played in the rocks nearby. Her sign was simple and read, “Hungry: Anything will help”

It was in that moment that compassion filled my heart and I mentally put myself into this lady’s shoes. We were able to stop and help her out with some money and food. I would be willing to bet that interaction that day was more valuable than any math lesson I could have taught my sons.

My ability to homeschool, gives me opportunities to teach the whole individual, not just the academic part. I want my kids to grow up as people who will love fiercely, show empathy to those around, have perseverance when times get tough, speak up for the person who’s getting bullied, and fight for the underdog. You can’t really find those lessons in a text book or online curriculum.

What are some of the characteristics that you want to embody during your short time on earth? Do you want the same for your kids? When we can get involved in the world around us and step into the world of those that might need help and we bring our kids along with us. Those are lessons that are more powerful than we can ever imagine.

I have memories of being 8 and my dad taking m