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4 Tips On How To Homeschool When It's Hard

So you decided to homeschool. Or maybe you've been at it for awhile.

I'm not going to pull any punches.. sometimes things get hard, I mean really hard.

What skills and tools can you develop to face those hard days, weeks, months so that you and your kids don't fall apart?

1.Start with why? Go ahead and do yourself a favor and read Simon Sinek's "Start With Why"

It is absolutely paramount that you know in your core why you are doing what you are doing. Center yourself each day with that why so you can move forward with purpose when things seem to fall apart. Write it in on your mirror, put it on your fridge, tattoo it on your forehead but be connected to that on the daily. We can work through hardships and struggles of homeschooling when we can connect with our why on a daily basis.

2.Accept the fact that the world does not owe you anything. This may sound harsh but there is complete freedom when you accept 100% of everything in your life, and with homeschooling, this means accepting 100% of your kids' education. Now I don't mean that you have to teach every single subject or tutor your kid who has a learning difference. I mean that the calvary is not going to come in and save you and you are the person who has to figure out the best game plan for education for your kid. That may mean outsourcing classes that best fit your kids, becoming in tune with your kids needs to you can develop the best homeschool environment you can.

If you start to envy the neighbor down the street that can drop her kid off for the day and get to work on her own thing or simply have time to herself, you can always come back to the idea of taking 100% responsibility for everything in your homeschooling world and shift your paradigm.

3.Giving yourself and your kids plenty of breaks. In the past I have found that when I have wanted to throw the towel in on homeschooling it was because we were simply burnt out. When you create regular breaks from your schedules, it sets up the time to rest and bring life back to you and your family. When we create a learning rhythm with regular breaks it makes our learning time much more effective so that we are focused and learn more in less time. This school year we are doing a 4 day school week with field trips on Friday. In addition, we are taking every 7th week off for a break from our traditional learning schedule. Play around with scheduling your time off and see what is the best fit for your family.

4. Create things to look forward to.

If you were a kid in the 90's, perhaps you share the same nostalgia with me about tv on Friday nights, TGIF. Every Friday my parents would order pizza, and we would gather around the tv in the basement where we would watch half hour sitcoms from 8-10. It was the highlight of my week for years. I would look forward to those two hours with anticipation as I went about the weekdays.

With that same idea create things daily, weekly, or monthly that you and your kids can look forward to. It could be a family game night, picnic at the park, bowling, movie night with treats, whatever gets your kids excited. Then carve out time on your regular schedule to have that time be special. So when things get hard, as they inevitably will you always have that time to look forward to.

Arm yourself on the daily with these ideas, so that you can create the best homeschool life you can for your family!

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