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But How Can You Be The Teacher and the Parent?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

I've had people discuss with me that they could never homeschool because they wouldn't know how they could play both roles as teacher parent. It's as if people think that how you interact with your child is set in stone and we can't venture around these set characteristics.

But if you think about it, as a parent you are always wearing different hats and exposing different traits. For example when your kid falls on the cement and scrapes his knee, don't you become a comforter/nurse, as you hug and hand band aids out? Perhaps 15 minutes later your children start arguing over a game. You quickly change roles from comforter to counselor/disciplinarian as you become a mediator for the fight and discipline accordingly.

So while I think people truly believe that they can't homeschool, I believe it's just playing another role of teacher. Certainly you've taught your children things before even if you haven't schooled your children on the homefront. I believe people are more than capable of wearing different hats as parents and educators. It's about reframing your mind to believe that you are capable.

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