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Improve the skills your child really needs -Easy hands on activities to improve organization, time m

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Maybe your homeschool life is cruising right along and on autopilot. Perhaps your kids are cleaning their rooms each morning without you asking all before you have even gotten your first cup of coffee. Then after they have admired their sparkling clean rooms, they have started into their daily math work. Ok seriously that would be amazing, but the reality is there's probably a struggle to complete tasks, stay on track, and be organized.

If your mornings and school time are a struggle, this post might help you get a bit more order and peace to your days. Being able to be organized, self-start projects, and stay focused all stem from the part of our brain that is responsible for executive function. According to WebMd the executive function part of your brain helps you manage time, switch focus, plan and organize, remember details, and pay attention. Phew! What if as homeschooling parents we could strengthen that area of our kids' brains. If so, then not only would our homeschool days go smoother, but you are giving them life skills that will make them successful in whatever they choose to do with their life.

Managing Time:

Problem: Not gauging time properly. Do you know someone who is always late? Some people's brains cannot feel and understand time. They don't know what a half hour feels like. When they look at the clock and see they have a certain amount of time to do something, they cannot gauge if that is sufficient