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Tips and Apps for Education on the Road

You want to hit the road but you also want to continue your homeschooling?  Well you can have the best of the both worlds.  Life on the road when you're traveling is not going to be the same as your normal homeschool routine that you would have in the comfort of your own house.  But the traveling life can offer an array of new learning opportunities and real life in depth experiences that you wouldn't find in your home or the classroom.  You can use these tips and educational apps to maximize your road tripping experience.

Plan on traveling to a national park?  If you have a fourth grader with you, the entrance fee is free.  Every Kid Outdoors is a national initiative for families to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Simply go to the website, have your kid answer some questions, and print out a pass. When you get to the park, give the entrance ranger the printed out pass and your child will then get a plastic card which they will have to sign.  This pass is good for the next year, so feel free to explore those national parks to your heart’s content.