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Marie Kondo and homeschooling

Along with the rest of earth's population who has watched at least one episode of Marie Kondo's Netflix sensation about tidying, I can't help but think about how this plays into homeschooling. I have made lots of homeschool friends and I've seen households as small as a trailer/rv to 5 bedroom house being used for homeschooling. Some super tidy and others, well let's just say the house is well stocked with school supplies.

According to Marie Kondo you should only hold on to the things that spark joy. After watching an episode, my kids said we should burn our school books because they certainly don't bring them joy. But the question is can a person homeschool more effectively in a larger space compared to the homeschooler who is in an RV?

No matter your space I think Marie Kondo hits the nail on the head when she says we should utilize our space effectively. If your space is overcrowded with curriculum that you haven't used in years, the reality is time to get rid of it. When you look at the space you use with new eyes, I believe you can make whatever space you have work for you.

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