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It's a chore holding on to a vision

First things first. I want to give credit where credit is due. That's quote from mid 2000 emo band called Juliana Theory. I often find those words clinking around my head when we are having bad days. It could be when I feel like my kids want to fight me on anything school related or when they might be ready to be engaged but I'm out of it.

I find it incredibly fascinating just how quickly humans can forget things. I could read a book in it's entirety only to forget 75% of it months down the road. So that is why we need to be reminded daily of our homeschool vision. This might take 2 minutes of your morning by reading a quote. Perhaps it's taking time to listen to a podcast or 'ahem' reading a homechooling blog.

You could also collectively set a vision or goal with your kids on what you want your days to look like and what you want to accomplish. When they have a stake in the matter, they will have a sense of ownership and step it up.

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