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Keep your eyes on your own paper.

In our world of social media fueled lives, it's so easy to feel that we don't add up. Of course we hear this time and time again. Facebook, Instagram (I should probably get one of those), and other "look at my cool life" venues are major downers when you are feeling bummed out about your life and seeing others living it up.

The same is true in homeschooling. As mentioned in my previous post, I think it is your number one task to find a close group of people you can homeschool with. That means that you can be lean on them when times get rough and you can do the same for them. So while you have established this beware that while you are leaning in, you are not comparing your journey with theirs.

All children develop at their own pace. Some kids develop strong skills in math early while it may take others years to get to the same level. Don't panic. Every kid will get there. When your panic level goes up about your child's education, guess what.... theirs goes up as well

So remember to not compare or compete with other kids, but to embrace your child's learning with patience and steadiness. Do that and they will follow suit.

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