Is college for everyone? With college tuition rising and the return of interest decreasing, people are questioning if there are alternative options for higher education. Find out how we can effectively raise up our children in modern times to prepare them to be successful in life whether that includes college or not.

Can you really use Fortnite and Roblox to teach math? Can anything teach everything? How much time should you spend on a subject daily? These are just a few of the questions we cover in this episode with homeschool veteran, Julie Bogart. She discusses her new book "The Brave Learner" and gives incredible practical tips to bring the joy back in homeschooling.

What's it like to educate legendary kids?  On this podcast I interview former CMO of Mercury Interactive, entrepreneur, and author, Chris Lochhead.  He chats about success in his career and how we can create environments to educate kids that best fit them.

What is it like to homeschool a child with a learning difference?  Veteran homeschool mom, Roneta Dickey, discusses homeschooling her two sons from kindergarten through highschool while navigating dyslexia and adhd.

What is it like to homeschool for the long haul? In our first episode ever, Ann Wolfe talks about how to make homeschooling sustainable and how to navigate those hard times.

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